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Stilfser Bergkräuter

This name is the trademark for the fine Alpine herbs cultivated into exclusive tea blends by its herbalist, founder and owner Siegi Platzer. These herbs are grown untreated in our fields and selectively harvested from the slopes of the Stelvio National Park.

The process of picking, sorting, destemming, blending and packing is all done by hand.
You will recognize the Stilfser Herbal Tea Assortment by its natural colours. We do not use any machinery harvesting the flowers and foliage so that they remain whole. Many knowledgeable workers harvest the delicate blossoms and leaves, and place them to dry.

Siegi Platzer and Traude Horvath distribute the unique products of Stilfser Bergkräuter in Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Their tea blends are available year-round through the online shop, and are delivered worldwide.

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